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LP Accessible Technologies was founded by Luis Peña. Luis became a quadriplegic on October 18, 2007 when he was involved in a rollover accident while working. Living with the injury inspired him to build a product and provide it to others that would allow them to game again; as he did prior to the accident. The LP Pad was invented as a result to his determination to be more independent and desire to socialize with the world.

We strive to improve the lives of individuals who are suffering from an injury or disability. Our goal is to put some excitement into everyone’s daily routine in which allows them to socialize with others as well as entertain themselves.

Our Executives:

Luis O. Peña; CEO and Founder

Luis was born in Boston Massachusetts. It was Luis’ goal to get into law enforcement at a very young age; a goal in which he overachieved. Luis became a volunteer firefighter at the age of 17 and landed a position with the Amtrak Police Department by the time he was 24 years old. During his career in Pennsylvania as a APD Police Officer was the tragic even of 9/11 in which he aided in for days. Luis make a career jump over to Arizona to become a Federal Agent with The U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Luis enjoys life to the fullest; he loves spending time with close friends and his two beautiful daughters. Luis has a passion for collecting guns, studying MMA (since he completed his 4th degree black belt) and learning new languages. Friends say “He’s very motivated, with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold” and “ He will continue to conquer his goals despite any hardships thrown his way”.

Kaylin C. Winkelmann; Vice President

Kaylin is a native to Arizona. She was raised in a loving home with her parents and two older sisters. Kaylin grew up as a tomboy and found a love for going to the dunes, camping, traveling and riding horses.  She’s had a striving work ethic since she started work at the age of fifteen. She was in business as an Operations Manager prior to going to college to obtain nursing degrees; This led to the beginning of  her career with Luis Peña in February of 2010 as a caregiver.

Kaylin looks forward to spending time with good friends, working out, riding her horses and enjoying quality time with her family. Her friends say “It’s hard not to love her and see her genuine care for others” and  “She’s active, positive and intelligent”.



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