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Hello everyone this year for Halloween we’re doing something special. Not only because it’s Halloween but also because it is our One Year Anniversary since we launched our company. We are proud of all the hard work and dedication that everyone has put in developing this company. It continues to be our goal to help disabled gamers get back in the game and provide the tools to do so.

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Found this article at and I had to share it.. We are getting so close!!!! This is such a break through, we are well on your way!
Enjoy the article and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Nerve cells ‘re-grown’ in rats after spinal injuryBy Helen Briggs

BBC News
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Paralysed rats ‘learn to walk’

US scientists say they have made progress in repairing spinal cord injuries in paralysed rats.

Rats regained some bladder control after surgery to transplant nerve cells into the spinal cord, combined with injections of a cocktail of chemicals.

The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, could raise hopes for one day treating paralysed patients.

But UK experts say it will take several years of research before human clinical trials can be considered.

Scientists have tried for decades to use transplants of nerve cells to restore function in paralysed animals by bridging the gap in the broken spinal cord.

However, coaxing the cells to grow and form new connections has proved elusive.

One problem is the growth of scar tissue as the body’s responds to injury, which seems to block cell regeneration.

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Start Quote
If we can show in a larger animal that our technique works and does no additional harm I see no reason why we couldn’t move rapidly in humans”
End Quote
Dr Jerry Silver

Case Western Reserve Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio

US scientists carried out complex surgery to transplant nerves from the rodents’ ribs into the gap in the middle of their spinal cord.

They also used a special “glue” that boosts cell growth together with a chemical that breaks down scar tissue in an attempt to encourage the nerve cells to regenerate and connect up.

The researchers found for the first time that injured nerve cells could re-grow for “remarkably long distances” (about 2cm).

They said that while the rats did not regain the ability to walk, they did recover some bladder function.

Lead author Dr Jerry Silver of Case Western Reserve Medical School, Cleveland, Ohio, said: “Although animals did not regain the ability to walk, they did recover a remarkable measure of urinary control.”

Co-author Dr Yu-Shang Lee of the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, added: “This is the first time that significant bladder function has been restored via nerve regeneration after a devastating cord injury.”

The findings may help future efforts to restore other functions lost after spinal cord injury.

They also raise hope that similar strategies could one day be used to restore bladder function in people with severe spinal cord injuries.

Dr Silver said further animal experiments will be needed to see if the technique could work in humans.

He told BBC News: “If we can show in a larger animal that our technique works and does no additional harm I see no reason why we couldn’t move rapidly in humans.”

‘Remarkable advance’

Commenting on the study, Dr Elizabeth Bradbury of King’s College London said several challenges must be overcome before the therapy can be trialled in patients.

“There are a number of challenges before this therapy can be brought to the clinic,” she said.

“Nevertheless this is a remarkable advance which offers great hope for the future of restoring bladder function to spinal injured patients and if these challenges can be met we could be reaching clinical trials within three to five years.”

Dr John Williams, head of neuroscience and mental health at the Wellcome Trust, said the implications for people are not yet clear.

“This is one of a number of ways that one can approach restoration of bladder function in paralysed patients, but careful studies will be needed to optimise which of the technologies under investigation might be of most benefit to patients.”

Anyone else totally amped about this game?? I’ve heard it’s the best one yet.. Here’s the 411 on what to expect on the new game:

The United States has a military presence in two thirds of countries around the world. A group of 12 have had enough and initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist — a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. interests. Sam Fisher is the leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon unit: a clandestine unit that answers solely to the President of the United States. Sam and his team must hunt down these terrorists by any means necessary, and stop the Blacklist countdown before it reaches zero.

Unleash the power of the most lethal agent to ever exist. You’ve been given the ultimate freedom to protect innocents against the Blacklist terror attacks known as — the freedom to use limitless force, to break every law, and to become the globe’s deadliest operative. If you succeed, the President of the United States will deny you exist. If you fail, millions will die.

I know I will be ADDICTED to this game!! What about you?? Leave us your thoughts and comments.Splinter-Cell-Blacklist_v2013_US_RP_X360boxart_160h

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