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311022_248230718554541_957565136_nI wanted to share with you They Shall Walk. Perhaps some of you have heard about it, and if you haven’t then you should. This needs tp be a household name!! Imagine an Iron Man-esque suit that helps people with paralysis and other diabilities walk again. Is this the furture of medicine? Could people who aren’t able to walk take their first steps?? Are machines going to be our new medicine? Read the story and let us know what you think:)

They Shall Walk is a non-profit medical research corporation in the state of Washington. It was founded to give the gift of walking, raise awareness of paralyzed and other disAbled persons, improve their quality of life through technology, provide for the needs of mobility impaired, provide educational opportunities for students, teachers, mentors and schools.
They Shall Walk was founded by Monty K Reed in 1986 specifically to build the LIFESUIT robotic exoskeleton that would give him his life back. After designing the system Monty experienced a miraculous healing and was able to walk again. He still suffers daily with pain and partial paralysis that comes and goes. In spite of the challenges Monty has made a commitment to continued health and rides a bike over 2000 miles a year and participates in cycling events such as the STP
The next step in the Gift of Walking timeline is the Rehabilitation model of the LIFESUIT called the RehabSUIT. Paralyzed people will use the RehabSUIT to stand, walk and exercise. Microsoft has just sponsored in with $1.2 million in software towards the $14 million institute facility in Seattle (AKA the “North Lab”).Automated Therapeutics is the newest sponsor of They Shall Walk and will be manufacturing and selling the therapy version of the robotic suit. Exoskeletons are now being tested in hospitals with favorable results. Automated Therapeutics will raise $500k to develop the prototype into a market ready product.
In the future paralyzed people will have a LIFESUIT for use at home and in the office. For instance the LIFESUIT LS14 weighs about 75 pounds and is powered by compressed air. It will allow the wearer walk up to about 2.5 miles per hour and to ascend and descend stairs. The next model, known as LIFESUIT™ LS15 can stand and balance unmanned, it will be controlled in the same way as a powered wheelchair with a joystick. Future generations of the LIFESUIT™ may incorporate a wet-suit style outfit composed of ‘biosynthetic muscle fibers’© ™, fuel cells or “Fuel Pods© ™” and lightweight power paks. It will be worn under the clothes and allow paralyzed to walk and no one will ever know they were paralyzed.

There are millions of disabled people that can benefit from the LIFESUIT™ including the SCI, Elderly, Veterans, people with sports injuries, accident victims, and people with congenital defects.


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