Frequently Asked Questions

+ Q. Is the LP Pad compatible with the new Xbox One and Playstation consoles?

A. The LP Pad cannot solely work with any other console than the Xbox 360. However, you can purchase a CronusMax adapter which changes the signaling to make the LP Pad compatible with Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Windows PC. If you want to make the LP Pad compatible with Xbox One, you would have to also buy an Xbox 360 wireless adapter. Or, if you want to make the LP Pad compatible with PS4, you would have to purchase Xinput Software. See the Diagram below.

CronusMax Diagram

+ Q. Do you have to use the chin joystick?

A. You do not have to use the joystick for games that don't require the 360 degree view. You will need the chin joysticks for most games however. All first shooter games, such as, Halo, Black Ops and Assassins Creed will require it.

+ Q. Where is the LP Pad manufactured?

A. The LP Pad was developed and is manufactured out of Phoenix, AZ.

+ Q. Can you play Xbox Live with the LP Pad?

A. Yes. The LP Pad can be used to compete on Xbox Live and in a 2-4 player campaign.

+ Q. Is there a warranty?

A. There is a one year limited warranty. If there's a factory defect we will replace the unit at absolutely no cost to you.

+ Q. Is the chin joystick and LP Pad sold separately?

A. Both the chin joystick and LP Pad are sold as one since you use them in conjunction with each other.

+ Q. How long has LP Acessible Technologies been in business?

A. LP Accessible Technologies has been operating since 2010.

+ Q. Is the LP Pad wireless?

A. Yes, the LP Pad is wireless when syncing it to your Xbox. The LP Pad and chin joystick are connected by a cable.

+ Q. Does Your company ship outside of the U.S.?

A. We do ship outside of the United States. Most places outside of the U.S. will require to be paid for through wire transfer or certified cashiers check.

+ Q. How do you sync the LP Pad to the Xbox?

A. To pair your LP Pad to your Xbox you must press and hold the sync button on your Xbox (above the usb port door of the front of the Xbox) until the four lights around the power button flash. Once the lights are flashing you can press the power button on your LP Pad to send a signal the the Xbox. You will notice they have paired once the green light on the Xbox matches the green light on your LP Pad as a solid light.

+ Q. Can you change the 360 degree view to the joystick on the LP Pad?

A. You can switch the joysticks to fit whats easiest for you. This can be done by switching the ports on the left side of the LP Pad. If you switch these ports around you will be able to maneuver the 360 degree view on the LP Pad joystick and in exchange the direction action would be controlled by the chin stick.

+ Q. What are the dimensions of the LP Pad?

A. The LP Pad at the widest parts of the housing is 16"L x 9.5" W x 2.5"H.

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